Belgian Everest Climb 2016


Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth. The top is 8848 meters high and is part of the Himalaya in Asia, located on the border between Nepal and Tibet.

The mountain is also known as Chomolungma which means "mother of the universe" for Tibetans





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Facing a challenging environment, our team combines passion with expertise and creativity. Aiming for the highest top, we proudly partner up with the Belgian Everest Expedition


Following the first Belgian ascent of Everest by its south side in 1990, 14 more succesful climbs would follow with the last ascent in 2007 . One of the last expeditions was the Belgian Everest Climb by the north side from Tibet, when Stef Maginelle, Stein Tant and Bjorn Vandewege set foot on the summit 15 May 2007.


Today Stef Maginelle is the personal coach and trainer for the members of the second Everest Expedition Climb 2016 North Side...and so the name and logo of our expedition has a history; they are a sequel of the expedition of 2007

Belgian Everest Climb 2007

Bjorn - Stijn - Stef

Belgian Everest Climb 2016

Paul & Sofie



From there we will scramble 21 km up the morraine of the glaciers to get to our advanced base camp (ABC) at a height of 6490 m.


We will set up 3 more camps between ABC and the top of the Everest. The climb from our last camp to the summit is the toughest with serious mixed climbing sections at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd step above 8500m.


The advantage however of climbing this side of the Everest is that only experienced climbers take this more difficult and technical route which limits bottlenecks. More over, this route is much less avalanche and ice sérac prone.

Current Facts :

It has been 8 years since any Belgian has summited Everest.


It has been 2 years since anyone could climb on world's highest mountain. Deadly avalanches and a heavy earthquake made all attemps impossible.


This May, we will ascent Everest by its north side and make our dream come true!


The north side is located in Tibet (china) and has a basecamp that can be reached by 4 x 4.





Sofie Lenaerts was part of the 2013 Belgian expedition of Stef Maginelle to the Gasherbrum II 8035m in Pakistan but during the summit push she had to return at 7500m due to a storm that destroyed their tents.


Paul Hegge was succesfull in climbing that same Gasherbrum II in 2014 without supplementary oxygen. He is the last Belgian to summit an 8000m peak so far. His trainer was ...Stef Maginelle who summited both Gasherbrum I and II in 2013 during one single expedition, a unique feat.


In 2015, Sofie, Stef and Jean-Luc Fohal organized a Belgian expedition to Makalu 8463m but they had to retire from the mountain when Nepal got struck by a massive earthquake.


Now this year, Paul and Sofie, supported by their trainer and coach Stef Maginelle, aim for the summit of Everest, climbing its north face.


Together with at Belgian trekking party of 14 people they will acclimatize by going first to to the Everest basecamp of the south side in Nepal and climb the Kala Pattar.


The expedition members then fly to Tibet where they will join the North side basecamp of their Nepalese logistic partner SevenSummittrek.


The ascent of Mount Everest will last 62 days in total. The team will get support from Nepalese Sherpas and plans to use of supplementary oxygen.


Earlier Climbs of the members

Khan Tengri 7010m


Gasherbrum II 8035m


Denali 6194m


Aconcagua 6972m

Paul en Sofie

Elbroes 5642m


Cotopaxi 5897m


Cayambe 5790m


Kilimanjaro 5895m


Mont Blanc 4810m

Paul en Sofie

Toubkal 4167m


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Belgian Everest Climb 2016

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