Belgian Everest Climb 2016

This photo was taken during the trekking in the Makalu region, a place where the earthquake made a lot of destruction;


The first earthquake caused a series of avalanches on Mount Everest, where at least 19 people died.


Centuries-old buildings in the Kathmandu Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, were destroyed.

Some places were entirely swept away by the earthquake, like the village of langtang... it was entirely buried by boulders and ice .


The Nepalese Government labelled 191,058 houses destroyed and another 174,162 as damaged.


The Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal suggested according to The Times of India that the death toll was 7040 people and UNICEF announced that there are almost a million children "hit hard" by the earthquake.


The shelter for orphans Shangrila home was heavily damaged and was declared uninhabitable.

The children live currently in a temporary leased building. The money for the construction of the House are available thanks to the many gifts that were collected just after the earthquakes.

Now they are waiting on a building permit in order to be able to start but there will be additional costs for the establishment.


Shangrila Home also works with other NGOs that helps street children and "children at risk" .

The next step of this project is, in addition to the study, that they can as soon as possible, learn a trade. In Workshops there are computer and sewing classes. (see Arya Tara)

Shangrila HOME also has a pottery project where older street children stay, cooperate and receive training.

With the YRP-project young people can get a technical training ranging from 3 months up to a maximum of 2 years after which they find a job and so the street life can say goodbye.



You can give the children in Nepal a better future!!


Sponsor our commitment to climb mount everest,

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